FriendoMart is a collaboration between 4 SecondLife stores: Anticow, DemoDeath, Depressive Pastel, and Tiny Threads

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    FriendoMart is a SecondLife group comprised of 4 stores made by 4 friendos (deathbabypoison Resident, diddlemybringles Resident, Gypsinessity Resident, and Kerkaine Resident). The basic idea is a community run by friendos for friendos. Our promise is to create an environment where the members of our little club are more than customers, they're (you guessed it) friendos. So we ask that you join us on our adventure to make FriendoMart a little more full and a lot more fun. 

    As stated above, FriendoMart is comprised of 4 stores:

    You can go to the FriendoMart main store through this link:

    Thank you for all the support.
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